5 People to Avoid When Running a Business

The difficulty of starting a business from scratch makes you have to spend a lot of time, effort, thought, and money so that the business can run as expected. One of the hardest parts is that not everyone will understand your efforts. Sometimes even the closest people such as family, spouse, and friends even give a bad opinion of your business. As an ordinary human being, you certainly have feelings so that negative words from other people can make you angry, disappointed, and even desperate.

Your emotions become unstable, especially when your business doesn’t generate much profit, even though you’ve worked hard. Realizing this condition, you should avoid people who try to make you mentally fall. Explaining to them will only create debate without a solution. Your energy is wasted when dealing with negative people. For that, you must be aware of who the people who can have a positive influence on your life.

Keep your relationship with people who like to give constructive feedback.

You need positive people who can make you excited and inspired to move forward. You have more than one or two choices. If someone is forcing you to choose him or your business, that’s a sign that that person is selfish. Yet everyone can live not only with one choice. People who ask you to choose between him and your business, will make you seem to be at a dead end. You don’t want to be controlled like that. Because you can manage your time to have both, which is to live a good personal and business life. You just need support from the right people.

Leader who is respected by subordinates

Every human being needs other people. However, success or failure is more determined by you alone. You can be successful and remain independent without being completely dependent on others. If someone tells you that they are the best and you just need them to be successful, then you should avoid them. Such people are usually motivated and insincere, and will make you completely dependent on them. The person will limit your abilities.

Avoid this when working with influencers

People who like to talk about the past keep you from focusing on the future. They like to bring up your mistakes and failures. They don’t deserve your attention. You just need to forgive everything to be able to move on with life without the burden of the past. Let those mistakes and failures be buried behind. You have to keep moving towards the success that is in front of you. Don’t let the past control you anymore.

People Who Underestimate Your Achievements

No matter how small an achievement, you must appreciate it. If someone is belittling every development in your business, then you’d better stay away from it. They are people who like to compare to make you feel bad. The first thing of course you have to be able to appreciate the achievements of others. Give praise for the achievements of others who may be better than yours. You have to learn to appreciate other people’s achievements and learn how they can achieve them.


Your biggest enemy is yourself. The person most responsible for your life is you. Don’t let your weaknesses make you feel pessimistic about running a business. For that, you must be able to control yourself. Stay optimistic and confident. Always improve yourself from day to day. You can become a better person and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.