Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary

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And in July 2013, there’s a drastic downward pull, and it stayed fixed until September 2013. From September 2013, the compensation curve began to increase and reached an all-time high in January 2014, and from then onwards, there isn’t any improve or decrease in the compensation curve.


Microsoft is famend for compensating its employees nicely for their services. As an entry-degree software engineer at Microsoft, you’ll command a wage of no less than $156,000 and that number will only improve as you gain more expertise and work your way up the wage ladder. What’s extra, you could even be able to negotiate a better salary, which is uncommon in the tech industry.

In the above desk, base compensation is the usual salary you’ll earn. As a software engineer at Microsoft, you’ll even be eligible for an organization bonus, which will vary in dimension depending in your contributions to the … Read More